Friday, March 18, 2011

6 year-old boy, macho dancing on Willing Willie

The video of the 6 year-old boy macho dancing on "Willing Willie" below has been the center of criticisms, recently. The issue is that Jan Jan "was allowed to be publicly humiliated on the Filipino entertainment show "Willing Willie" in exchange for money", according to a post in a petition site.

Some people also aired their views on the matter on the microblogging site, Twitter.

According to "@iamhappyamy" she found it sickening tweeting, "a kid gyrating like a macho dancer, willie making fun of him, the audience enjoying – truly sickening!"

"Willie didn't learn the word 'polite' when he was a kid. He thinks he can toy with the 'mass' by dangling them money," "@richard_carpio" said on Twitter.

Noypi's Notes:

*** I previously posted this clip with the comment that I found it funny. As I said, I have not watched this episode. The video only shows the dancing part which I found funny. I did not even notice the boy was crying and Willie was not saying so much either.

I recently saw the entire interview and Willie was indeed making fun of the kid in the earlier part of the interview.

Six year-old Jan Jan macho dancing to the tune of "Next Episode" on Willing Willie. | Video courtesy of Youtube/TV5