Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lloyd Zaragoza sings with Anne Curtis in Greenwich Presscon

Remember the tattooed hunk in the funny commercial series of Greenwich Pizza? His name is Lloyd Zaragoza.

Lloyd Zaragoza shirtless

Noypi recently came across a Youtube video of him and Anne Curtis doing a duet of "The Closer I Get To You" during a Greenwich presscon held late last month.

He could try a career in singing since he got the voice eh and he got the looks naman. Sometimes, the two (voice and looks) come together to sell a good number of albums. :D

Check out Lloyd Zaragoza and Anne Curtis' duet below courtesy of Youtube/PEP:

How about Anne? She wishes to create an album as well.

Uhmmmmm... She could since things are already "high-tech" these days. It should not be live though like the vid above. Lol.