Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thia Megia, back in the competition! | Thia Megia's "Heatwave" Performance Video

After receiving heavy criticisms last week with a ballad performance, the youngest contestant in American Idol Season 10, 16 year-old (Yes, she just turned 16.) Filipino-American Thia Megia redeems herself with her performance of "Heatwave" by Martha and the Vandellas during the "Motown Night" episode of the talent search on March 24.

Thia Megia American Top 11 Performance | Photo courtesy of Fox

Her upbeat rendition of the classic hit made the judges commend her for taking a risk and coming out of her shell.

Judge Jennifer Lopez said, "Okay! Now I feel like we're scratching the surface a little bit with you right there. It was great to see you let loose like that. Wow! Who knew? I didn't and I wasn't sure but now that we're going there. I need you to dig even deeper each week. You know you're 16 years old and I don't expect you to have the live experience in the world to bring what you need to bring to the lyrics but part of performing is acting and you have to bring that every time, so always make sure you connect with the lyrics so you can bring even more because I just see, now I know, you got it in you."

Randy Jackson agreed on J.Lo's comment saying, "The reason you're here, cause we knew you had it in you right? And the public is definitely resounding with that because you've been here every week. This new thing is a good thing because I know this has been tough for you the last couple of weeks. But I got to say it's about taking chances. You took a chance tonight and you didn't sing a really safe ballad although I still feel you can dig deeper and you can do more with it. Take more vocal chances. You can really sing and I want you to believe and I'm happy to see you move up a notch tonight with something different, congrats on that. Take some chances, continue! push!"

Meanwhile, Steven Tyler had a very short but sweet critique.

"You've taken a step out, I love it. Just great! I'm good. I'm good with it."

As the results of the online and phone voting come out tonight, another contestant is going home. He will be let to perform and the judges will decide whether they will save the contestant him or not.

Amazing guest performances (as usual) also await viewers tonight. :D

Courtesy of Youtube here's a video of Thia Megia's "Heatwave" Performance: