Thursday, March 31, 2011

Thia Megia dedicates a song for her 'kuya' on American Idol

The youngest American Idol 10 contestant, 16 year-old Filipino-American Thia Megia enchanted the judges with her wonderful performance of Elton John's "Daniel" during the March 30 (March 31, Philippine Time) live episode of the talent search.

Thia Megia singing "Daniel" by Elton John | Photo courtesy of Fox

Jennifer Lopez said it was a "beautiful moment" for the young singer.

Randy Jackson somehow agreed saying it showed the very relax side of her that people could hear her beautiful voice but pointed out that it was still a "very safe" performance.

On the other hand, Steven Tyler, said she sang "a great Elton John song well".

Thia Megia dedicated the song to her older brother which apparently made her performance believable and emotional.

She uttered, "I love you, kuya!" after the judges gave their comments.

However, tomorrow will be a double elimination episode. Thia was among the bottom three last week. If she won't get enough votes this time around, she will be going home which I really hope won't happen. :(