Saturday, April 23, 2011

JM de Guzman, new 'Crush ng Bayan'? | JM de Guzman Photos

JM de Guzman, new 'Crush ng Bayan'? | JM de Guzman Photos

With ABS-CBN's special marathon of the first episodes of the "Mula Sa Puso" remake this Holy Week, viewers got to catch up with their missed episodes of the show. More than that, they got to scrutinize the acting and the appeal of the show's cast which so far has been mostly good.

One of the most discussed online is the moreno cutie, JM de Guzman who is playing the role of Gabriel which was originally portrayed by late actor Rico Yan.

JM de Guzman, Gabriel of "Mula Sa Puso" remake | Photo courtesy of PEX

JM de Guzman is slowly becoming a "Crush ng Bayan" as viewers notice his innate charm especially with his interesting role in the soap.

Here are what people are saying on Twitter:

"JM de Guzman is such a charmer! I found him so appealing! Err #yumyum :)" - Glendale Ragay

"jm de guzman daw. hahaha. now. i have a new celebrity crush. :)" -Rizza Unabia

"Super crush ko si JM De Guzman!!!! HAHAHA SUPER!" -Kheem Queta

"watchin' "MULA SA PUSO" marathon. JM de Guzman was fcukin HOT! =)" - Maureena Maldita

"Ang guapo pala ni JM de Guzman :">" -Rona Arcala


"Ang dami namang nagkaka-crush kay JM De Guzman!! Ayoko nga nga! LOL" - Tifanny Jones

Check out JM de Guzman's pictures below:

JM de Guzman's photos courtesy of trishtumbler, sasreyes, phstars, byzbuzz, kapamilyalogy, and pex.