Saturday, April 16, 2011

RafayHackingArticles Finally On A Custom Domain Now !

Well it has been almost 2 years since I have started rafayhackingarticles and for 2 years it has happened to me countless times that i have thought of moving to a custom domain(.com,.net,.org) but every time i tried to do it there was some thing which always holding me back and one of the major things which was holding me back was my SEO Standing I was afraid that I might loose my traffic, but yesterday one of my friend David suggested me to move to custom domain as blogspot is Google's property and google can delete it any time they want and Google is very less likely to delete blogs on custom domains.

So i said to my self that "Some day will never come" So I acted immediately and registered, Now some of you might ask questions that whyI did not go for a .com domain, The answer is that it was not available.

Learn How To Hack - Ethical Hacking and security tips

Yesterday when I was searching godaddy for domains my first priority was to go after a .com domain but since it was not available .net was the second best option.

What Topics Will I cover?

1. Hacking And Security Related News.

2. Ethical Hacking Techniques.

3. Computer Tricks.

4. Windows hacks.

5. Security flaws.

And much more.

Advice for those on blogspot:

During my experience of more than 2 years with blogging the biggest mistake i made was that I blogged on a blogspot domain(And never will), If are still on blogspot I suggest you to move to custom domain, Their are countless advantages of a custom domain over a sub domain, If you are looking forward to make serious money from blog i suggest you to move to custom domain.