Monday, April 18, 2011

Rico Yan and AJ Perez' shocking similarities

Some people had always noticed the resemblance of AJ Perez's features to that of Rico Yan's. Someone even took a photo of AJ Perez while posing beside the framed picture of Rico displayed in the halls of the ABS-CBN building. Check it out below:

AJ Perez posing beside Rico Yan's picture | Photo courtesy of Ogie Diaz

Acting-wise, it seemed like Star Magic head Johnny Manahan found AJ to follow Rico's footsteps. He reportedly said, “Given the chance, he can be another Rico Yan.”

However, nobody ever expected that AJ would have the same fate as Rico - to die at an early age in the peak of his career in showbiz. Also, people can't help to talk about these similarities:

*They were both ABS-CBN homegrown talents.
*They were among the few in showbiz to be known for their "baby face".
*They were both La Sallitas.
*They were young when they died.
*They both died in a Holy Week.
*They were both asleep when they died.
*Their wakes were both held at La Salle Greenhills.
*As Rico, AJ will also be laid to rest at Manila Memorial Park.

Rico Yan died of Acute Hemorrhagic Pancreatitis on March 29, 2002 in Palawan. He was 27.

Meanwhile, AJ Perez passed away at age 18 yesterday, April 17, 2011 in a vehicular accident.

*Sorry for the typo error earlier.