Friday, April 15, 2011

Shalani Soledad wishes Willie Revillame's comeback on 'Willing Willie'

Politician and TV host Shalani Soledad is to celebrate her 31st birthday on April 24. She recently shared to the media that her birthday wish for this year includes her co-host Willie Revillame to continue helping the poor and make a comeback on their show, "Willing Willie".

Willie Revillame and Shalani Soledad on the cover of Willie's album, "I Love You" | Photo courtesy of Google Images

After several advertisers pulled out from the show due to the alleged child abuse on its March 12 episode, Willie Revillame announced last Friday that the show will be off-air for 2 weeks while he would be thinking about whether to return to the show.

Shalani Soledad has been supportive of Willie since the Jan-Jan incident started. She was recently seen among those who staged their protest in front of the Movie and Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB) office as the board held a meeting related to the controversial incident.

Now that her show is on a 2-week break, PNoy's former girlfriend Shalani will be focusing on the needs of her constituents in Valenzuela City where she was elected as councilor.

Meanwhile, do you think Willie should make a comeback on the show? Take our poll HERE.