Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Shamcey Supsup Scandal on Facebook, a virus!

Have you read on your Facebook feeds an update saying that your friend "liked" a video with the title, "Bb. Pilipinas Universe Bb. Pilipinas Universe Shamcey Supsup SCANDAL". It's exactly this:

Shamcey Supsup Scandal on Facebook

Don't mind checking it out because firstly, it's no Shamcey Supsup Scandal! It will lead you to a page where an annoying video of Rebecca Black's "Friday" song is posted. Secondly, it's a virus - it will also be posted on your friends wall that you've just liked the video. And the cycle goes on when your friends will be intrigued and click on it - that's how it is becoming viral.

Noypi's Notes

Although, I know it's a virus. I did click the virus to tell this story to you now. I kinda know it's not the type of virus that destroys one's computer. :D