Friday, April 22, 2011

Skype App For Android Gets Update For Security Flaw

Last week when I started Skype app in my android phone, It denied logging in & come up with a security message that said “Skype android app is facing security Bug , So backup your data ASAP.” So, I started digging in to the issue and found out that this unsecured app was their from October 2010 in the Android marketplace. 

What exactly was the security flaw? 

Skype app was storing a data in to unsecured & unencrypted format. And any other app can access data from that android phone. Personal data that includes all contacts, messages, Chat data, call histories & even your Skype credit. It was like everything inside Skype was pretty vulnerable. has first noticed this issue & tried to access the data from other app & they succeeded the attempt. Instantly they wrote a blog post saying Skype is facing serious security issue. It spread all over web instantly & Skype said they will work on it ASAP.

Security Update for Skype App is Now Available For Downloading 

They worked out pretty faster & last day they released this security update for android app. Now company stated on blog that the user personal data is well secured & requested to download the android app only form the android marketplace or Skype official website.

Security bugs in apps for android & iPhone are not new these days as before some days Pandora app was also affected by some kind of bug that exposes user data. So, keep your all apps updated, specially on android smartphones. Because Andorid OS not as stable as iOS offered by Apple.

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Amol Wagh is an Ethical hacker and a Security expert, He blogs at his blog The Hackersenigma where he writes related to Hacking and security stuff