Tuesday, April 12, 2011

University of the Philippines 2011 Valedictorian, John Gabriel Pelias breaks grade record

Nineteen-year old John Gabriel Pelias has set a new record in the history of the University of the Philippines after garnering the highest general weighted average (GWA) since post World War II. His GWA of 1.016 eclipsed the 1.193 GWA attained in 1948 by professor emeritus Emerenciana Yuvienco Arcellana.

John Gabriel Pelias, UP Valedictorian 2011 | Courtesy of gmanews.tv

John Gabriel Pelias is graduating as summa cum laude with a B.S. Mathematics degree this Saturday (April 16). He is the University's Valedictorian for this year.

When the university registrar's records were checked though, Pelias' grade is a bit lower than that of Exequiel Sevilla's, a B.S. Commerce Major in Business Administration graduate, who still holds the record of the highest GWA with his flat 1.0 in 1927.

Know more about John Gabriel Pelias through this inspiring video interview courtesy of GMAnews.tv: