Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Chris Brown Gay Se3x Photos with Andre Merritt Leak?

Yet, Chris Brown is again involved with another photo scandal. And this time, it's gay!

Chris Brown Gay Se3x Photos with Andre Merritt Leak?

Alleged pictures of R&B singer Chris Brown having se3x with another man named Andre Merritt surfaced a few hours ago. It immediately created a buzz online and became a hot topic in social media sites. The said photos were taken in 2006.

A few months ago, a nud3e picture of Chris Brown also leaked which was said to have been posted online by an ex-girlfriend. Two years back, photos of Rihanna with a bruised and battered face also circulated on the web - said to be the aftermath of his domestic dispute with the singer. Before that, there were also private photos of him and then girlfriend Rihanna.

Noypi's notes:

I am not so sure the gay photos are authentic. Chris Brown has tattoos - the guy on the pictures does not have any. The pics are rather blurry - more likely a screen grab of a video or something. The faces are even hidden.