Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ivan Stoiljkovic, 6 year-old magnetic boy from Croatia (Video)

Ivan Stoiljkovic, a 6-year old boy from Koprivnica, Croatia, is no ordinary kid. He has gotten the world's attention for his unusual talent which is being able to attract metallic objects to his chest. He can carry up to 25 kg of these objects on his torso - from silverware to heavy frying pans.

Ivan Stoiljkovic, 6 year-old magnetic boy from Croatia shows his one-of-a-kind ability

Attracting metals is not his only ability. According to Ivan's family, he also possesses extraordinary strength and even healing powers. His family added that Ivan's power is strongest when he is calm and focused, especially in the morning.

Ivan's upper body said to be more magnetic. His family also said that when Ivan gets a wound, it usually heals fast and leaves no scars.

Ivan was recently featured on a local news where he showcased his gifts. Check out the video report below courtesy of Youtube: