Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jake Cuenca, Melissa Ricks break up?

Have Jake Cuenca and Melissa Ricks called it quits?

Melissa Ricks and Jake Cuenca | Photo courtesy of Google Images and to their original owners

Actress Melissa Ricks' bittersweet status updates on the popular microblogging site Twitter lately fueled speculations that something is going wrong with her relationship with Kapamilya hunk Jake Cuenca. Melissa also chose to watch Justin Bieber's concert than to attend the premier night of Jake's new movie "In The Name of Love" on Tuesday. Did they break up, already?

What do you think of these tweets from Melissa which Noypi compiled below:
May 10, 3:40PM

Mag bigay halaga sa mga taong nagbibigay halaga sayo...:)

May 11, 3:20AM

Some people don't deserve your attention..:)

May 11, 3:22AM

Minsan pag sobrang bait mo, inaabuso ka, ginagawang tanga.. well not anymore.. I wish u the best..:) sana ayusin mo sarili mo..:)

May 11, 1:01PM

Someone soo plastic di nman sha doll?:)

May 11, 1:02PM

My last statement.. Sana lang wag na echusero at showbiz.:) please lng, sana lng masaya ka.:)

May 11, 1:24PM

I think enough is enough..crossed d line long time ago.. pagod nako..:) buti pa twitter friends ko papasaya ako! Ehehe

May 11, 10:30AM

RT Forgiving someone does not mean forgetting what they did. It simply means letting go of the hurt.

May 13, 8:50AM

RT I never gave you a reason to hate me. You're just creating your own little drama out of pure insecurity.

May 13: 8:29AM

RT Sometimes you just need to distance yourself from people. If they care, they’ll notice. If they don’t, you know where you stand.

May 13, 11:01AM

"Sometimes when a person means that much to you, not even the truth can change your mind about anything."

May 13, 2:43PM

haaaaaay.... to who it may concern: if you cannot get an answer out of me.. please do not bother my friends..thank you..:)

May 13, 9:37PM

RT The biggest mistake you can make is to drift apart from someone, who you once had the time of your life with.