Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Jiro Manio enters rehab center for drug problem

Jiro Manio, the multi-awarded young actor, has voluntarily submitted himself to undergo rehabilitation for drug abuse.

Jiro Manio | Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN

Jiro Manio's father, Andrew has confirmed the report on Showbiz News Ngayon recently. He said his son had gone astray when Jiro met some peers while the actor was still taping for defunct hit TV series "Tayong Dalawa." Andrew also said he is happy that Jiro is dedicated to change his life with a promise of a comeback in showbiz.

Meanwhile, Jiro's mentor Director Maryo J. delos Reyes said that he is confident that Jiro could make it and would be able to come back in the industry.

The talented actor reportedly went through a series of problems in his personal life which greatly affected his career in showbiz. He also became a father at the young age of 16.