Monday, May 23, 2011

Mikael Daez Scandal Photo?

Mikael Daez' alleged photo scandal has been revealed.

A rumor has been around for over a month now, implicating that newbie Kapuso actor Mikael Daez has a scandal photo and even a scandal video. Just late last month, a blogger posted the said photo on his blog but he did not show the guy's face so I did not bother sharing it to you here.

Now, a fashion blog released the full version of the alleged Mikael Daez scandal photo.

Since blogspot does not allow such material here, I can only post the one below:

The alleged Mikael Daez Photo Scandal

Do you think it is really Mikael Daez?

Here are some pictures of Mikael Daez for comparison, perhaps. [Ooops.. the quality got affected when I edited the pics... :(]

Mikael Daez Scandal Photo Comparison 1

Mikael Daez Scandal Picture Comparison 2

Mikael Daez Scandal Photo Comparison 3

Mikael Daez, 23, is a commercial model who has just started his Showbiz career at GMA7. He recently was seen on "Spooky Night's Presents: Bampirella". Recently, he has been selected as one of Marian Rivera's leading men in the upcoming "epicserye" "Amaya" and as Paulo Avelino's replacement in "Temptation Island" movie remake.

Photos courtesy of and Benjamin Arnold