Friday, May 13, 2011

Pippa Middleton topless photo spurs legal battle; the Middletons feel 'betrayed'

Pippa Middleton is again in the hot seat as topless photo of her during a family vacation in Ibiza, 5 years ago, emerge.

A set of old photos came out, recently. Pippa Middleton was basically just swimming and sunbathing in some photos while on a yacht with her sister Kate Middleton and Prince William, now Duchess and Duke of Cambridge. However, one photo shows Pippa taking off her bra to rinse it.

While Kate and William are enjoying their honeymoon at a secret spot right now, there's a brewing legal battle over the publication of Pippa's old photos. The Middleton family reportedly filed a formal petition to Britain's Independent Press Complaints Commission.

It is up to the Commission to determine whether newspapers - including The Daily Mail and The Daily Mirror - which published the photos have violated Pippa's privacy, or whether it's a "public right to know" issue that would justify publication.

Meanwhile, a friend of the Middletons told UK’s Telegraph newspaper that “the whole family is furious at what they see as a betrayal,” as reported by Foxnews.

It looks like the Pippa pandemonium is far from over. Just a a few days after the Royal Wedding, a 'dancing in bra' picture of Pippa also surfaced. It was then followed by a $5 million proposal from Vivid Entertainment for Pippa to star in an adult fl1ck. And now, these sunbathing bathing photos. Whew!