Friday, June 24, 2011

DOT launches controversial tourism ad

The Department of Tourism (DOT), in cooperation with giant telecom company Smart, has begun its “Pilipinas, Tara Na!” domestic tourism advocacy program. But it seems like the government agency kicked things off with a controversial print ad. Check it out below:

This DOT "Tara Na! Tourism Ad" compares Phuket, Thailand to El Nido, Palawan | Photo courtesy of Jayvee Fernandez

The following are written on the bottom of the ad:

"** This value driven campaign promotes the Philippines to its own people, many of whom opt to travel abroad unaware of their country’s beauty. “Tara na” means let’s go.

Although the "comparison" makes the ad controversial, it has been well received by a number of people who said that it is "catchy" and "effective".

In the coming weeks the DOT is expected produce more print and TV advertisements and billboards which aim to further stimulate growth of the domestic base.