Tuesday, June 7, 2011

June 13, 2011 Holiday in the Philippines? Probably not

June 13, 2011 Holiday has been anticipated by many who are still used to the "holiday economics" policy started by the previous administration wherein holidays were moved on dates closer to a weekend. However, the said policy had long been junked by PNoy through the Proclamation No. 84 which mandates that "all holidays be observed on the day they actually fall instead of being moved to the nearest Monday for longer weekends as was the practice under the Arroyo administration."

Many may also got confused since the Palace declared June 20, 2011 as the holiday for Jose Rizal's birthday on June 19. But this is another story since we are celebrating Rizal's 150th this year which the National Historical Commission of the Philippines found to be a special year and so they requested the holiday to be moved on June 20th so that many could join their activities.

The Independence Day on June 12 falls on a Sunday. And probably, there will be no June 13 (Monday) holiday since the June 20 holiday was declared on April 26, almost 2 months prior to the date. If there would be a similar announcement for June 13, then it would have been done earlier.

Update: Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte reportedly said that the Malacañang is not moving the holiday on June 12. There will be no June 13, 2011 holiday.