Thursday, June 2, 2011

Logar family names adopted wild brown bear cub Medo (Photos)

The Logar family from Podvrh village in central Slovenia named the male brown bear cub they adopted Medo (Slovenian for "bear").

Medo wandered into the backyard of the Logar Family about four weeks ago. The fourteen-week old wild baby brown bear (Ursus arctos) is thought to have been abandoned by its mother.

The Logars who have bonded with Medo then adopted the animal.

Just recently, the Logar Family wanted to prepare a fenced enclosure where Medo could live. However, veterinary authorities urged them to place the cub into a shelter for wild animals, instead. Officials fear that the bear cub could go dangerous.

According to reports, there is an ongoing battle between the Logar Family and the Slovenian animal experts over Medo's custody.

Check out some pictures of Medo below courtesy of Reuters:

Matevz Logar plays with Medo in Podvrh village, central Slovenia.

Medo playing with the Logar family dog.

Matevz Logar watches as Medo climbs on a car.

Medo playing inside the Logar family's garage