Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pepsi Commercial: "Sa Akin Ang Pinas" video goes viral

The latest Pepsi Commercial titled "Sa Akin Ang Pinas" is doing the rounds in the internet as netizens share it to their network of friends in social media sites.

Uploaded just barely 2 weeks ago, the hilarious video is already nearing half a million views on Youtube. Check out the said commercial below:

Pepsi's "Sa Akin Ang Pinas" TV Commercial | Video courtesy of Youtube

"Sa Akin Ang Pinas" is said to be part of the cola brand's campaign in promoting the comeback of its product "Pepsi Blue" now called "Pepsi Pinas."

Here are the lines used in the action-packed 80's-movie-themed video which were taken literally and thus making TVC fun and entertaining:

* Kahit butas ng karayom papasukin ko
* Marami ka pang kakaining bigas
* Tapos na ang maliligayang araw mo
* Hayop ka!
* Hudas!
* Ahas!
* Panget! (Ugly! No effects needed haha!)
* Sa kangkungan ka pupulutin.
* Gawa na ang kabaong na paglilibingan mo.

Here are info of the TV ad which were written on the 'description' of its video on Youtube:


Patola Forces SPOG1 (Alvarez) goes head to head with Berdugo ng Barangay Sanggano (Boy Balbon) in a battle for Pinas.
2 men, 1 bottle and an unquenchable thirst for glory. Who will prevail?

Main Cast:

Boy Balbon, SPOG1 Alvarez, Pepsi Pinas
Supporting Cast: Ampalaya Goons, Upo Goons, Upo Sniper, Patola Forces
Director: Dhenzel Weta
Writer: Annkor Tis
Film Producer: In The Name of Love Productions
Music Director: Tirso Cruz Diether
Genre: Pinoy Action
Release Year: 2011

For a limited time only, Pepsi Pinas now showing at convenience stores, groceries and Manang's Tindahan.