Sunday, June 19, 2011

World's largest emerald glimmers in Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Colombia - The largest emerald in the world goes on display for the first time in Colombia where it was mined.

World's biggest emerald displayed in an exhibit in Bogota, Colombia | Photo courtesy of NTN24

The uncut gem weighs around 2.27 kilograms (5 pounds) and has up to 15,000 carats. It was found 12 years ago in the Muzo mines in Boyaca, 75 kilometers (47 miles) north of Colombian capital Bogota.

The precious stone kept in its original form and named after an indigenous god whose tears turned into emeralds, Fura is said to be valued at around 45 million dollars. It is owned by a firm called Coexminas.

According to reports, only up to 15 people at a time are allowed to view Fura, with five guards looking on.

Colombia produces most of the world's emeralds. More than half of the world's emeralds are mined in the South American country. In 2008, Colombia produced 2.7 Mcarats (540 kg) of the said stone.